Oscar Peterson is Money

The Royal Canadian Mint has issued a one dollar coin honoring the great Oscar Peterson who was a long time Canadian resident. They were put into circulation on August 15, 2022 what would’ve been Oscar’s 97th birthday. His widow Kelly and daughter, Celine were on hand for the ceremony in Toronto. Kelly Peterson issued the following statement:

 “Throughout Oscar’s career he received many awards and honors, each of which meant a great deal to him. During the nearly fifteen years since his passing, there have been more. All of them humbling. All of them a source of pride. The addition of this commemorative circulation coin bearing his likeness is something neither he nor I could ever have imagined. Knowing that Canadians now, and for generations to come, will hold this coin and be reminded of Oscar Peterson or be inspired to learn about him for the first time evokes emotions challenging to describe. I am deeply, profoundly honored. Oscar was a great pianist and composer. He was a staunch advocate for human rights. Above all, he was always a proud Canadian. As his music is timeless, so too now will he be a part of the Canadian consciousness forever.”

Ultimately there will be 3 million in circulation and if you’re in Canada you can get the coins through most financial institutions. You can also order them individually or in a set (some have purple highlights which was his favorite color) at https://www.mint.ca/en/shop/coins/2022/2022-commemorative-collector-keepsake-card-celebrating-oscar-peterson

O(scar) Canada!

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